Air Balloon (Lily Allen tune)

“Air Balloon” is a song by British musician Lily Allen. The track was premiered on BBC Radio 1 on 13 January 2014 and was launched on 2 March 2014, as the 2nd single from Allen’s third studio cd, Sheezus (2014). Allen wrote the track in partnership with Shellback, who has likewise benefited Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift and also One Direction.
Allen released her second album, It’s Not Me, It’s You, in 2009, which saw a category shift to synthpop, instead of the ska as well as reggae affects made use of in her debut cd, Alright, Still (2006). The album debuted at top on the UK Albums Graph and the Australian Cds Graph and was well obtained by doubters, keeping in mind the singer’s music development and also maturity. It generated the hit songs “The Worry” and “Fuck You”, popular mainly in Europe. Allen as well as Amy Winehouse were attributed with beginning a process that resulted in the media-proclaimed “year of the females” in 2009 that has actually seen 5 female artists making songs of “experimentalism and valiancy” chosen for the Mercury Reward.

Air Balloon Lily Allen

In 2009, Allen introduced that she would be taking a respite from music tasks. The following year, she opened up a style leasing store named Lucy in Disguise with her sibling Sarah, followed by the 2011 introducing of her very own document tag. In 2013, Allen exposed that she had actually started working with her third workshop cd Sheezus. On 20 June 2012, Allen tweeted that she remained in the studio dealing with Greg Kurstin on brand-new songs. She changed her professional name from Lily Allen to Lily Rose Cooper. In August 2013, she transformed her expert name back to Lily Allen and also tweeted new songs would be arriving “soon”.

Finding about Smile song

Music structure and lyrics

Musically, “Smile” is a bubbly, mid-tempo tune with “a barroom piano lick”, subdued horns and a reggae beat, singing in a lightfalsetto, while the organ riff contains a sample of Jackie Mittoo playing keyboards on the 1960s rocksteady song “Free Soul” by The Soul Brothers, also written by Mittoo. He and Clement Dodd received credit on the song as co-writers.It was described to have a “cod-reggae groove that smoulders like a barbecue” as a guitar and piano were used for the background music, following the notes Gm—F as its basic chord progression. It is set in the time signature of common time, having a metronome of 96 beats per minute, and is played in the key of F major. Lyrically, the song describes Allen’s satisfaction in her former lover’s suffering, being in a vengeful mood: “At worst / I feel bad for a while, / But then I just smile / I go ahead and smile,” thus creating a contrast between “the peppy melody and brassy lyrics”.The inspiration for the song came from a real life experience, when Allen broke up with her then boyfriend, Lester Lloyd, resulting in a drug overdose and hospitalization for her depression. The singer claimed “I started to get depressed and anyone who suffers from depression knows that it can soon get so bad that you can’t get out of bed. It was then that I checked into the Priory. That was really tough as I was an emotional mess. […] The lyrics are definitely bitter-sweet”. Allen said she later regretted the direct approach of her lyrics:

I’m now less inclined to do that, because everything that I do say gets repeated in a way that I haven’t said it, or taken out of context and spun in some negative way — and it makes me really sad. I’m not, like, a negative person. I’m actually quite positive, but this industry has really made me feel angry and negative recently. I’m not enjoying it at the moment.

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Critical reception

“smile” was met with mixed to positive reviews from music critics. According to Heather Phares of Allmusic, the song “has a silky verse melody that just barely conceals [the singer’s] spite”, while she keeps “her revenge sweet, the extra sting being given to it by the way she sounds like she’s singing about how ice cream or puppies or being in love makes her smile”.Blender reporter Jon Dolan claims that Allen “deploys a sugary melody as a Trojan horse for a smackdown on a douche-bag ex-boyfriend”,as Rob Webb from Drowned in Sound called “Smile” an “infectious slice of bouncing, carnival reggae that punches hard with its opening line: ‘When you first left me / I was wanting more / But you were fucking that girl next door / What you do that for?,'” and went on to say that the theme of the song is melancholy, “set against breezy beats”, and while not being “an obvious TOTP contender on the surface, [it] is good but far from one of the LP’s choice cuts”.Rob Sheffield from Rolling Stone gave a rather negative review, claiming the singer “doesn’t sound as if she’s trying too hard”, singing the song with a “breezy sha-la-la lilt that just made the song seem even nastier”. Later, he called Allen a “theoretical pop princess, who just entered the breakup-song hall of fame”. Dom Passantino of Stylus suggested that “‘Smile’ gets burned off the lights by both Sean Paul and Abs when it comes to facsimiles of ‘Uptown Top Ranking,’ but neither of them could bring the quality of lyricism the singer does,” while Slant Magazine reporter Sal Cinquemani was baffled as to why the song, which she “sings without a smirk of irony”, is a UK chart-topper.

The reviewer from NME considered that the song sashays along with sass, while still remaining charming, and said that though it doesn’t mark Allen out as excellent dating material, as a soundtrack to the summer, “it’s a dead fackin’ cert”.Adrien Begrand of PopMatters called “Smile” just as good as “LDN”, “its loose reggae arrangement augmented by the clever sample of Jackie Mittoo’s piano from the Soul Brothers’ 60s rocksteady tune “Free Soul”, as Allen sings bitterly about her ex, with just a hint of vulnerability at first, before going to her friends for reassurance, and confronting the guy during the chorus with a mean-spirited confidence that has us cheering inside”. While John Murphy of MusicOMH praised the song and its “gently lilting reggae rhythm”, Priya Elan from NME considered that the Althea & Donna groove of “Smile” is what made fans “fall for her in the first place”. The former argued that “even people who profess to hate pop music will secretly be tapping a foot to it and claiming it is just downright perfect pop for lolling around during the lazy warm, guaranteed to cheer the listeners up, no matter how down they’re feeling”.Other reviews came from The Guardian reporter Sophie Heawood, who didn’t consider the song as Allen’s greatest effort, but still thought she was far better than being called “the female Mike Skinner”.

In October 2011, NME placed it at number 104 on its list “150 Best Tracks of the Past 15 Years”

Smile (Lily Allen track)

“Smile” is the launching single by British recording musician Lily Allen from her launching workshop cd Alright, Still (2006). It was created by Allen, Iyiola Babalola as well as Darren Lewis, while sampling The Soul Brothers’ “Free Soul”. The tune was released as the lead mainstream single of the album in July 2006. After authorizing a contract deal with Regal Recordings and getting appeal on the social network website Myspace with trial songs, Allen launched a restricted version of “LDN” to ensure her job and after that announced the launch of “Smile”.

The track includes rocksteady songs, as the verses tackle her tackling the dishonesty of her partner, while appreciating his misery. Most modern doubters matched the track, observing the confidence it hides as well as the carnival-esque, yet melancholy, motif. On the other hand, some considered it was not one of the album’s best tracks and also it makes the vocalist a “academic pop princess”. The solitary peaked inside the top 40 of the graphes of some European nations and Australia, while remaining on the summit of the UK Songs Chart for two successive weeks and also ended the year as the nation’s 11th most successful song. It is likewise charted on the U.S. Signboard Hot 100, where it was licensed gold.

For promo, “Smile” was re-recorded in Simlish and used shows; it likewise received its own response track. The coming with music video represented a revenge style, with Allen working with a posse to defeat her ex-boyfriend. It was routed by Sophie Muller as well as, afterwards, prohibited on MTV as a result of profane language. The track was carried out real-time often times, consisting of on talk shows, her 2007 concert tour and throughout her 2009 performance tour, though Allen claimed to be “sick” of it. In 2008, it won a Pop Give at the London Broadcast Songs Incorporated Honors.

Smile (Lily Allen track)1
After meeting George Lamb on a vacation in Ibiza, Allen made him her supervisor. Lamb later introduced the vocalist to manufacturing duo Future Cut, with which she had created and generated demos, which were sent to various labels. In 2005, Allen was authorized to Regal Records, who gave her ₤ 25,000 to generate an album. The singer considered it to be a “small development idea”, as they were likewise not able to provide much assistance for it due to their fixation with other launches. Taking advice from Woman Sovereign, the vocalist developed an account on MySpace and started posting demo tracks in November 2005. By March 2006, they attracted countless listeners, as well as 500 restricted version 7″ vinyl songs of one of the trials, a track labelled “LDN”, were rush-released and sold for as long as ₤ 40. Allen likewise produced two mixtapes to ensure her job. As she collected tens of thousands of MySpace good friends, The Onlooker Music Month-to-month took interest. Few individuals beyond her tag’s A&R department had come across Allen, so the tag was slow-moving in reacting to magazines who wanted to report about her. Her label wasn’t pleased with the noise of the demonstrations, so they appointed the vocalist to “a lot more mainstream manufacturers and top-line authors”. Then, they finally approved some of her tracks, being confident of their incorporation on the cd. “Smile” was among the chosen ones, that Allen claimed she was happy with.It was the first song she had ever composed, declaring:.

When I laid out to do this I recognized I wished to make tracks that sounded a) up to day and also currently and also b) truly organic. Due to the fact that you cannot get actually excellent players without spending tons of cash these days, the just other choice is to example. The first track I ever created was ‘Smile’. We just looked at around 7 or 8 example verses, discovered a beat, placed everything in … Then when it comes to composing lyrics I create … like a rap artist would certainly, I expect, with completely no tune entailed whatsoever, I’m merely getting my flow arranged. After that I write the whole message of the tune and afterwards advertisement lib the melody into the microphone. It’s not awfully smart!

“Smile” was released as a single, and also the maxi solitary layout for it contains 2 B-Sides, “Definitely Nothing” as well as “Cheryl Tweedy”, which Allen struggled to get on the album, but lost them in favor of “Take Just what You Take”. The latter is a satirical track about star, finding the business promo side of the celeb printer unpleasant, while discussing Girls Aloud participant Cheryl Tweedy, yet said she doesn’t “have anything against her”.

Our Time (Lily Allen track)

“Our Time” is a track by British vocalist Lily Allen. The song was launched on 10 March 2014, as the third single from Allen’s third workshop album Sheezus. The tune is plainly featured on the OW Variation of the Amusement park Playlist. With its raised appeal nonetheless, newer versions of the normal Theme Park Playlist have the track.
Allen launched her 2nd album It’s Not Me, It’s You in 2009, which saw a style shift to synthpop, instead of the ska and also reggae affects utilized in her launching album Alright, Still (2006). The cd debuted at primary on the UK Albums Graph and also the Australian Cds Chart as well as was well received by doubters, noting the vocalist’s music evolution and also maturity. It generated the hit singles “The Anxiety” and “Fuck You”, preferred primarily in Europe. Allen and Amy Winehouse were attributed with beginning a procedure that caused the media-proclaimed “year of the ladies” in 2009 that has seen five women artists making songs of “experimentalism as well as fearlessness” chosen for the Mercury Reward.

Our Time (Lily Allen track)

In 2009, Allen revealed that she would be taking a reprieve from music tasks. The following year, she opened a style leasing store named Lucy in Disguise with her sister Sarah, adhered to by the 2011 launching of her very own record label.

In 2013, Allen exposed that she had begun working on her 3rd workshop cd Sheezus. On 20 June 2012, Allen tweeted that she was in the studio dealing with Greg Kurstin on brand-new music. She changed her expert name from Lily Allen to Lily Rose Cooper. In August 2013 she transformed her professional name back to Allen as well as tweeted brand-new music would certainly be showing up “quickly”.